This flat-weave, serene collection is curated from a monochromatic colour palette and designed to create restful spaces in your home. The high versatility and low-maintenance of this range are achieved with a soft, polyester-woven texture and a durable polypropylene base, complemented with beautiful finishes including all-side binding in matching tones. This tranquil collection also has shed-resistant and anti-static properties while providing comfort as well as a minimalist decor style on your floors.

Size RRP
120 x 170 cm $338.00
160 x 230 cm $598.00
200 x 290 cm $978.00
240 x 330 cm $1,298.00
300 x 400 cm $1,798.00
80 x 150 cm $178.00
80 x 300 cm $358.00