This ultra-thick and luxuriously soft shaggy collection is made from heat-set polyester, with a shed-resistant and anti-static pile power loomed into a polypropylene base. The fluffy and comfortable feel of these rugs is achieved with a 45 mm. high pile and a mixture of thin and thick fibres creating a fuller effect. The highly versatile, plain colour palette used in this range is specially selected to complement a large variety of interiors. This budget-friendly collection is also ideal for hard floor surfaces, and has quality finishes including all-side binding.

Size RRP
120 x 170 cm $198.00
160 x 230 cm $378.00
200 x 290 cm $578.00
240 x 330 cm $758.00
300 x 400 cm $1,138.00
80 x 150 cm $118.00
80 x 300 cm $238.00